QIWI Investor Day 2018
Introduction, Varvara Kiseleva, Head of Investor Relations
Overview, Sergey Solonin, CEO
Payment Services, Alexander Agakov, Head of Payment Services
QIWI Wallet, Payment Services Strategy, Andrey Protopopov, Head of Product and IT
New Growth Opportunities, Sergey Solonin, CEO
SOVEST, Oleg Ryazhenov-Sims, CEO of SOVEST project
Tochka, Boris Dyakonov, CEO of Tochka
Rocketbank, Sergey Solonin, CEO
Strategy, Sergey Solonin, CEO
Financial Update, Alexander Karavaev, CFO
Corporate Governance, Boris Kim, Chairman of the Board
Technology Update, Kirill Ermakov, CTO
QIWI People
Closing Remarks, Sergey Solonin, CEO
Q&A session
Please feel free to follow up with any questions:

E-mail: investor@qiwi.com
Телефон: +357 250 280 91
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